10 bohemian interiors that make us travel

Synonymous with travel and encounters, the bohemian style is making a comeback in our homes. Why the sudden interest in this almost wild style of decoration?
Perhaps because it is part of an era that allows us to travel more often and more simply, or perhaps it is because we have a deep desire to get back to basics, to nature or to escape.

Either way, the freedom offered by this style where things don ‘t need to be perfectly coordinated is a real outlet for those who like to mix influences. Inspired by the nomadic world, the bohemian style offers a warm and mysterious interior where worlds intermingle. Natural materials, ethnic motifs or design and geometric furniture… Bohemian style advocates a decorative universe that is free, imperfect and that everyone can appropriate by interpreting it in their own way.

Once you have assimilated these major principles, all you need to do is follow 4 simple, but devilishly effective rules to create a bohemian interior full of history:

  • Accumulation: objects brought back from travels, mottled furniture, Persian or Berber rugs, etc. The details are not put aside, the idea is to create a lively and poetic decoration, out of time
  • Simplicity: start with a pure base and accessorise it with pretty objects and furniture made of beautiful materials (like this teak coffee table or this rosewood sideboard, which will develop an elegant patina over time)
  • The colour: even if natural colours always have a place of choice in the bohemian style, it is quite possible to mix them with other more acidic colours in order to create an interior in your own image
  • The mix: you must allow yourself impromptu mixes – a white sofa and an industrial leather armchair or a Berber carpet and a 60s dining room for example – to create a bohemian atmosphere

To help youcreate a bohemian interior with multiple influences, in addition to these few tips, we have prepared aselection of 10 interiors that brilliantly embrace the bohemian universe:

Bohème 10

Bohème 9

Bohème 8

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