10 design mansions for Halloween

As you already know, design is good for everything… Especially when it is twisted with the old. Twists and turns are welcome in our cheeky and well-balanced Halloween staging!

When dreams meet decoration, the result is magnificent homes full of stories and beautiful design pieces

In Paris, New York or in more remote areas, small manors or large castles, manors near a lake or in the middle of a haunted forest… Let yourself be charmed by our selection of XXL houses with eccentric decoration!

photo manoir 1
Didier Delmas
photo manoir 2
Laurence Simoncini
photo manoir 3
Laurence Simoncini
photo manoir 4
Loods 5
photo manoir 5
Loods 5
photo manoir 6
Louise Holt
photo manoir 7
Manoir La Comtadine
photo manoir 8
Manoir La Comtadine
photo manoir 9
Manoir La Comtadine
photo manoir 10
Photography Romain Ricard, Decoration Laurence Simoncini