10 designer bookcases to inspire you

A real piece of everyday furniture, today’s bookcases are far from their original use…

Library comes from the Latin “bibliotheca” meaning collection of books. However, after having undergone some transformations and crossed the ages of interior decoration, the library is not only intended to accommodate books.

If you are passionate about design and the history of vintage furniture, you must surely own a lot of beautiful books! At first a source of culture and entertainment, after reading they become decorative objects in their own right. They dress up and personalise your interior to make it unique. The best way to show them off is to display them on beautiful designer bookcases

But as you will have understood, your books are no longer the only ones on the shelves of our libraries. There are now all sorts of decorative objects such as figurines, succulents, photographs or candles, which give your library an even more personal touch.

Whether it is a functional storage unit or a piece of furniture for decoration, the bookcase has its place in your home! In an office, a living room or a dining room, it is as practical as it is decorative.
A true reflection of its owner’s tastes, the bookcase comes in a multitude of styles: open or closed, in wood or metal, with shelves or cupboards, etc. There is bound to be a bookcase made for you! The proof is in the pudding with our selection of 10 design bookcases: