10 ideas for bistro-style decorating

An authentic and welcoming style with a strong character that goes with any interior? The bistro style! Raw wood sideboard, metal suspension, cement tiles.. zoom on the bistro style, a trend that is increasingly appealing to fans of a warm and friendly warm and friendly decoration.

What is the bistro style?

Largely inspired by the industrial style with the use of metal furniture, the bistro style also finds inspiration in vintage inspirations in vintage wooden furniture with rounded shapes and rustic materials such as and rustic materials such as cane.

For a successful bistro decoration, we we advise you to take care of your wall decoration in order to obtain a warm and warm and friendly atmosphere. For this, you can use red bricks, paint a wall black or install slate cladding to echo the daily menu in restaurants to echo the daily menu in restaurants.

Small tips: complete your interior with interior with designer metal posters and beautiful bottles. You’ll love it! guaranteed!

What furniture to choose for a successful bistro decor?

Amongst the designers who have the ideal furniture style, we find Marcel BREUER and the famous Cesca chair, THONET and Antonin SUMAN with the TON brand, a Czech reference for wooden furniture czech reference for wooden furniture.

Small round tables perfect for to receive your guests around a great vintage, metal or wooden chairs, stools and bar stools… As you can see, for a successful bistro style and a convivial atmosphere, you must give free rein to your imagination by mixing your imagination by mixing styles. The bistro effect is guaranteed!

On the menu: a selection of Design Market items for a 100% bistro interior!

Le style bistrot - Inspi 2
1. Chair, 2. wine rack, 3. bottle, 4. table
Le style bistrot - Inspi 8
1. Cupboard, 2. chair, 3. wall lamp, 4. table

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