10 ideas to adopt the Berber carpet

We have been seeing it everywhere for a few years, we love it madly for its ethnic, traditional and ultra trendy side, to the point where we would almost want one for every room in the house: the Berber carpet!

This carpet of traditional oriental inspiration, originating from the Berber regions of North Africa, is a piece that has been found for several seasons in the most fashionable interiors. Where does this popular ethnic rug come from? And above all, how to adopt it in your decoration without risking a faux-pas? We explain it all to you!

A Berber carpet can be recognised by its motifs symbolising the religion, beliefs and imagination of the Berber culture. If the weaving techniques have been handed down from mother to daughter and have survived the centuries, the patterns have evolved to meet more contemporary standards. In the purest Berber tradition, the carpet has a domestic use and is used as wall hangings to protect from the cold. It is usually handmade with wool fibres, as they are designed to last a long time.

Today, Berber rugs have since gained a more aesthetic and decorative function in our modern and contemporary interiors. There are several models of Berber rugs, but the Beni Ouarain with its geometric patterns in black and white as well as azilal with its bright colours and short wool are the most trendy.

Coloured or with a nice neutrality, uncluttered or on the contrary, in solo or in superposition, in the living room or in the bedroom… The Berber carpet can be combined with our interior in an ethnic hippy chic way

In the living room, in the bedroom or even in the entrance hall, the Berber carpet is a must for any interior decorator. We love it first of all for its geometric patterns and its softness. Adopting such a carpet is also a tradition that we come to look for, a carpet that tells us a story from afar. Finally, a Berber carpet is a timeless piece of decoration, which will adapt to all styles, bringing character and elegance. Discover 10 ways to adopt a Berber carpet at home!

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