10 ingenious inspirations to help you design your studio!

Is your home smaller than you’d like? Do you think that the lack of square footage automatically deprives you of original and vintage decoration? FALSE! There are many beautiful and ingenious ideas to make up for the lack of space.

If you’re still sceptical and convinced that you should give up on the enfilade of your dreams, discover our selection of 10 studios, we promise you’ll change your mind!

Let’s start this slideshow with this beautiful Milanese flat of only 30 m2. The strong point of this flat: the contrast between a cold industrial style and warmer Scandinavian furniture!


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Let’s continue our visits with this beautiful 42m2 studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here the furniture is cleverly placed to delimit different spaces (bedroom, offices and living rooms) within a single room.


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Chaise Eames vert Kaki
Herman Miller dark brown fiberglass chair, Charles & Ray EAMES – 1960[/caption]

Fauteuil Rotin

Rattan lounge chair, Dirk Van SLIEDREGT – 1960

[caption id="attachment_5859" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Lampadaire-vintage-Staff Chrome plated Staff lamp – 1960

Let’s continue our visits and stay in Gothenburg! This studio is only 23m2, and yet at first glance one would easily give it a few more square meters! Here again, the furniture is cleverly arranged, but what surely makes the strength of this flat is the pure style of its decoration. The tones are sober, each element is in its place!


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We’re going to linger in Gothenburg, as this 39 m² studio is also located here! The large windows and the many lamps immediately strike you as being particularly bright. The effect is accentuated by judicious choices: nesting tables as coffee tables, white walls, an extension table… The result is a real sense of grandeur!


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Before leaving Sweden, let’s visit this 40m2 studio. Rather cold at first glance, the pretty ethnic carpet, the Scandinavian coffee table and the original paper trophy add a personal and warm touch!


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Let’s fly to France and more specifically to Paris. Pure vintage and retro atmosphere at the home of decorator Caroline Berdah in Paris. As promised, you can see that it is possible to have a vintage wardrobe in a 37m² flat!


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This cute 26m2 studio – redesigned for a young worker – is the work of the architectural firm Transition Interior Design! The decoration is very modern: vintage, Scandinavian and colourful! The little extra: the pretty separation between the living room and the bedroom.


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Paire de fauteuils "RAR" en fibre de verre jaune, acier et bois, Charles & Ray EAMES - 1950
Pair of “RAR” armchairs in yellow fibreglass, steel and wood, Charles & Ray EAMES – 1950[/caption]


Vintage triangular coffee table – 1950

[caption id="attachment_5890" align="aligncenter" width="330"]Table-appoint-Alberts-Tibro-en-teck-et-laiton-Albert-LARSSON Alberts Tibro side table, Albert LARSSON – 1950

Marion ( is behind the complete renovation of this small 15m2 studio in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. This reorganisation is perfectly well thought out for a young student: a living room that turns into a bedroom, a work space just opposite… We are delighted!


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Fiberglass chair, Charles & Ray EAMES – 1960[/caption]


Set of 3 Nesting Coffee Tables – 1950s

[caption id="attachment_5897" align="aligncenter" width="237"]Lampe-italienne Italian lacquered metal lamp – 1970

Let’s finish our selection with the flat of Clémence from the blog Clem around the Corner, photographed by Olia Echeinbaum for Houzz. We are quickly seduced by the originality of the purple wall, by the mix of styles and by the cosy atmosphere of this beautiful place. Little bonus: the timeless Togo sofa by Michel Ducaroy!


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