10 small flats that turn our heads

Small flats are becoming more and more a part of ourdaily lives and we promise you that your home, however small, can contain all your decorating desires.

Designing a small flat is already a difficult task, but what about decorating it? Especially when you want to adopt designer pieces… But don’t panic! You’ll see, you too have the right to your own plants, frames on the walls, lights and imposing designer armchairs. As with all art, it’s all about balance. Follow the guide.

It’s not easy to fit an open-plan kitchen, a bedroom with a dressing room or a bathroom with a spa bath into small flats… But it is possible to create a well thought-out living room, clever storage space or a reading corner, all with style and practicality

In a small space, you have to be clever to fit the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and sometimes even the dining room. A difficult manoeuvre, but far from impossible. Space-saving furniture, clever layout, practical storage solutionsThese are the first steps to take to structure the space properly. Once the surface area has been optimised, you can indulge in more decorative objects : hanging lights, wall colours, designer furniture, mirrors, etc. The whole traditional panoply is available to you, even in a small space. But to prevent clutter and cluttering from encroaching on your well-being, beware of object saturation! Always make sure you keep a white space around your decorative objects and furniture to let the room breathe.

When it comes to styles, anything is possible. The colour block trend, the eclectic atmosphere, the bohemian style – no decorating style is off limits for small spaces. As far as colours are concerned, even if there are colours that enlarge the space, it is all a question of positioning. For the decorative furniture, you just have to be measured so as not to clutter up the space

With these few tips and the inspirations we’ve selected, you’ll have all the cards in your hand to furnish a small flat under the sign of design!

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