10 trendy desks to adopt for the new school year

Teleworking has become a fact of life. The phenomenon is such that it has become important to dedicate a space to the home office.

Together, we will discover ten trendy desks to adopt, signed by great designers, so that your return to work is smooth and studious.

1 – The AJ52 desk byArne Jacobsen

This magnificent desk by Arne Jacobsen was created in 1952, and yet it is still as trendy as ever. Its uniqueness lies in the simplicity of its shape, but also in the elements that make it up: a board supported by metal tubes, a small shelf and a module of drawers for storage.

Photo credit Peter Fehrentz

2 – The Florence Knoll mini desk

The Florence Knoll mini desk is a tribute to chic and sobriety. Here, the focus is on this beautiful top, leaving the storage unnecessary.

Photo credit Knoll International

3 – The Ercol Treviso Desk by Matthew Hilton

This handmade desk has a very original shape. Made of solid light oak or dark walnut, it is very practical, thanks to its storage spaces, and also aesthetic and timeless. Moreover, it is perfectly suited to small spaces.

Photo credit Palette and Parlor
Photo credit Palette and Parlor

4 – Pierre Jeanneret‘s desk

Characteristic of Pierre Jeanneret’s work for Chandigargh, the Z and V legs are the hallmark of the designer’s office furniture. Created in natural wood in the middle of the last century, this desk still impresses with its small size but large storage capacity.

Photo credit Marie-Claire

5 – The Bauhaus style desk

Invite Bauhaus into your home with this mythical desk from the Bauhaus movement. Plenty of storage space and a wide table top make for a comfortable work environment.

Photo credit Pinterest

6 – Franco Albini ‘s desk for Knoll

The design of this desk is simple and minimalist. That’s why it’s still so trendy, even though it was designed in 1928!

With a polished glass top, a wooden floating two-drawer pedestal and a steel frame, it’s very chic and will suit any interior style.

Photo credit Knoll

7 – The Flip-Top Partners desk by Peter Løvig Nielse

This beautiful teak desk by Peter Løvig Nielse has a very special feature. The top part, which acts as a locker, folds down to increase the working space. A very practical trick!

Photo credit Linda 1968 MCM

8 –Egon Eiermann‘s multipurpose table

This versatile table by Egon Eiermann lives up to its name, as it can also be used as a desk if you wish, for example to create an industrial atmosphere. Add a storage box next to it and you’re done!

Photo credit Richard Lampert

9 – The compass desk by Jean Prouvé

A very pretty piece of furniture that has stood the test of time, the compass desk was originally designed for communities, such as schools. Today, it enters our homes, and we take advantage of its trendy and aesthetic design.

Photo credit RBC Mobilier

10 – The Tanis CM 141 desk by Pierre Paulin

In 1954, Pierre Paulin designed this beautiful desk for Thonet. This desk is made of tubular steel, wood and a laminated top. Its design is typical of the post-war years, since it favours a rectilinear form.

Photo credit libertyninteriors

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