15 iconic vintage lamps

Do you remember our article on the iconic chairs of the 20th century? Today, we decided to put lighting fixtures in the spotlight! Discover our selection of 15 iconic vintage lamps and learn more about these design highlights!


The Pipistrello lamp by Gae Aulenti


Designed in the mid-1960s by Gae Aulenti, the Pipistrello lamp quickly became a hit! Its elegant curves immediately seduced interior design lovers. It was therefore not uncommon to find it in bourgeois flats in the 1960s and 1970s. Even today, the model continues to appeal because of its timeless design. The lamp has been produced since 1965 by Martinelli-Luce and consists of a lacquered metal base and a telescopic stainless steel shaft. There are two series: one with an opaline perplex diffuser, the other with a methacrylate diffuser. There are some rare editions: the pearl grey model (not produced since 2007), the chrome version (July 2007, only 500 pieces) and a model with a pink lacquered base in 2010. There is a “mini” version since 2013 and an LED version since 2014.

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The PH5 suspension by Poul Henningsen


The PH5 suspension was designed by the great Poul Henningsen in 1958. This model is a testament to the incredible ingenuity of the designer! This set of reflective shades consists of enamelled (1st series) or lacquered (2nd series) aluminium cups and drawn steel. Thanks to these technical characteristics, the light is directed downwards and the eye is not dazzled. Several colours are available (red, blue, white, black, pale pink, grey, turquoise etc). Since its creation in 1958, the suspension is edited by Poulsen.

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The Artichoke suspension by Poul Henningsen


The Artichoke suspension lamp, which literally translates as ‘artichoke’, is a must-have in Scandinavian design. Henningsen designed this beautiful model in 1958 for the restaurant “Le Pavillon Langelinie” in Copenhagen. Its many metal leaves, 72 to be precise, are spread over 12 chromed aluminium arches positioned in an alternating pattern. Louis Poulsen continues to produce the ingenious and stunning Artichoke lamp. Its organic curves are still appealing to design aficionados!

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The 2097 chandelier by Gino Sarfatti


Gino Sarfatti is well known throughout the world. His luminaries are of great elegance, as shown by the magnificent 2097 chandelier. Designed in 1958, it surprises by its modernity and its incredible timelessness. Originally produced by Arteluce and now by Flos, the model has a brass-plated or chrome-plated steel structure. The bulb holders are made of plastic. There are two versions: 30 bulbs (2097/30) and 50 bulbs (2097/50)

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The Standard lamp by Jean-Louis Domecq


Jean-Louis Domecq – originally a mechanic – designed his first lamps to meet the specific needs of his profession. Practical, resistant and modern, they were soon in great demand! He then decided to found his own production company and named it after his initials: Jieldé. Since 1951, the Lyon-based company has been producing the famous Standard lamp. Its articulated arm and its Made in France production still make its success! The perfect alliance between functionality and aesthetics is a major characteristic of this design icon. It is available in many models and finishes, so there is something for everyone!

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The Arco floor lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni


Source: ©Architonic

Achille Castiglioni is a great Italian designer. Particularly prolific, he was responsible for more than 150 creations, many of which were designed in collaboration with his brothers. The magnificent Arco floor lamp (1962) is an example of their incredible drive for perfection. Despite the years, this piece continues to please and find its place in all types of interiors, whether old or new. The marble base, reflector and stainless steel swivel cup offer a sleek and functional design.

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The Tripod lamp by Serge Mouille


Source: ©Architonic

Serge Mouille is surely one of the greatest French lighting designers. His creations are highly sought after by connoisseurs of 20th century design. The Tripode lamp designed in 1954 is iconic! Its half-insect, half-plant shape is as seductive as it is intriguing. Originally published by Serge Mouille in 1954, the Tripode lamp has been reissued for the last ten years by E.S.M. To recognise an original from a copy, look at its technical characteristics: the adjustable reflector is made of black lacquered aluminium on the outside and white lacquered on the inside. The ball joint is made of brass.

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The Philips lamp by Louis Kalff


Louis Kalff is a Dutch graphic designer and designer. He is also the founder of the Philips lamp design studio. He is considered one of the great pioneers of industrial design and has played a major role in the success of the household appliance company’s lighting range! It was in this context that he created the legendary Philips lamp in 1955. Made of brass and black lacquered metal, this piece seduces with its shapes, its curves and its high quality. Its timeless design still attracts vintage design lovers. The model is no longer produced.

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The Foglia lamp by Elio Martinelli


Elio Martinelli is a talented designer with international recognition! His lights are true icons of 20th century design. Recently, we have also proposed a focus on one of his creations: the Serpente lamp (1965). Now, we would like to invite you to discover the Folia lamp, which is just as successful! Designed and edited in 1969 by Martinelli Luce, this model is edited again since 2004. Originally, the lamp is composed of a monobloc structure in opaline PMMA plastic. The more current editions are in white or transparent opal methacrylate.

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The Panthella lamp by Verner Panton


Verner Panton is a Danish designer who is appreciated by design enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. His work is characterised by the use of innovative materials (plastic, fibreglass), bright colours and innovative lines. His unique pieces had a profound effect on the design of the 1960s. In 1970 Panton designed the Panthella table lamp and floor lamp . The success was not long in coming and was far from being ephemeral: the model was regularly featured in decorating magazines! Since the beginning of its creation, this mythical piece of design has been published by the famous lighting company Louis Poulsen.

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The TS 450 suspension lamp by Hans-Agne Jakobsson


Hans-Agne Jakobsson is a Swedish designer known for the originality, aesthetics and innovation of his creations for both private and public buildings. His lighting fixtures are a perfect embodiment of Scandinavian and particularly Swedish style. Wood is regularly used in homage to the landscapes of his country, as well as copper, glass, leather, fabric and iron. Designed around 1960, the TS 450 suspension is an example of his taste for modernity and aesthetics.

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The Alpha floor lamp by Johannes Hammerborg



Recently, we invited you to discover the portrait of Johannes Hammerborg. If you have seen it, the Alpha floor lamp by Frog & Morup should tell you something! A must-have creation by the Danish designer, it is indeed impossible to mention it without mentioning this exceptional luminaire! Designed in the 1960s, it surprises by the modernity of the materials used and by the design of its timeless curves. Its adjustable head makes this lamp both aesthetic and practical.

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The Nesso lamp by Giancarlo Mattioli


Source: ©Arcurial

Giancarlo Mattiolo is known for his work around the search for new ways to achieve discreet ambient light. In 1962, he designed the Nesso lamp for Artemide. By using coloured plastic, he reduced the intensity of the bulb and thus reduced the glare it usually caused. In 1965, the designer was rewarded for his feat: he received the first prize in the competition launched by the Artemide studio and the magazine Domus! Since 1965, this iconic lamp has been published by Artemide.

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The Dalu lamp by Vico Magistretti


Vico Magistretti is famous for his perfectionism, for his rigour and for his innovative experimentation with materials. Particularly brilliant, he received no less than 40 awards, including the Grand Prix of the VIII Triennale in 1948. The small Dalu lamp designed in 1965 is representative of his talent and ingenuity. Although its design may seem rather simple at first glance, the ABS cantilever technique was in fact revolutionary for its time! Artemide produced the Dalu lamp from 1969 to 1980. In 2008, the Italian company decided to reissue the famous model.

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The Telegono lamp by Vico Magistretti


The Telegono lamp is also one of his most famous creations! This model reveals his innovative and avant-garde eye. The materials used (ABS plastic, opaline) and techniques used are particularly modern for the time. For these reasons, the Telegono lamp crosses the ages with disconcerting ease and finds its place in all flat styles. Published in 1969 by Artemide, it is no longer produced today.

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