5 Brussels interiors

Brussels is a city rich in history. Its incredible architectural heritage creates a unique atmosphere that delights lovers of beautiful buildings and historical monuments. The Art Nouveau style buildings in certain districts of the Belgian capital give the city a breathtaking elegance.

Behind these facades are magnificent interiors, which we suggest you discover in this article.

1 – A chic, designer flat

Photo credit: Inside Closet

What we liked about this flat was the care the owner took in choosing the furnishings. Each piece of furniture is in its place, in its function, which creates a remarkable harmony. The wall unit has several functions: it dresses up the wall, the decor, and also serves as storage. A very trendy vintage piece that you can find in different versions:

2 – The large volumes of Brussels flats

Photo credit: Natalia Pohorielova

What strikes you at first glance is the impressive volume of this flat, with its beautiful windows that let in light. Choosing a large modular sofa is the right idea. If it is adapted to the size of the room, it offers many design possibilities

If you’re interested in the world of modular design, don’t hesitate to read our article dedicated to it by clicking on the link right here

Our modular sofas :

3 – A lounge chair for a relaxing atmosphere

Photo credit: Louise Desrosiers

Another beautiful Brussels interior that we are delighted to discover. Here, the emphasis is on comfort, with a sofa with soft cushions and a pair of “Lounge chairs” by Charles and Ray Eames.

The semi-recumbent position is characteristic of all lounge chairs. The Eames’ creation was their first chair designed for the luxury market, and probably their most famous work. But many other designers have also come up with pieces that call for relaxation.

4 – A house in the city

Photo credit: Piet-albert Goethals/Stor

How lucky you are to have a house in the city!

This one has all the charm of the old, with its beautiful fireplace, solid parquet floor and magnificent mouldings. The houses are often larger than the flats, so they call for conviviality and sharing. This is why the space devoted to dining is so important

Here, chairs and table are matched to achieve a beautiful harmony

Our dining sets :

5 – Cosmopolitan Brussels

Photo credit: Jonah Samyn

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, thanks to its history and geography. Different cultures meet and mingle, and it is not surprising to find all this richness in the city’s accommodation. Here, the New York loft feel is marked by the red brick walls. The choice not to opt for industrial-style furniture, which would remind one of New York flats, is a wise one, as it offers a sobriety and elegance to the room. Like these very minimalist Scandinavian or Japanese-style nesting tables.

Our nesting tables :

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