8 decoration ideas to start the year

After a lackluster year, opt for a bold and lively interior design for this new year! Succumb to a warm and soft atmosphere. Warm colors, patterns, textures, raw materials, organic shapes and color mix&match. The goal? Make this year 2022 alive.

1. The return of the 70s

As in the world of fashion, decoration is also an eternal restart by adding its touch of modernity acquired in time. Find in 2022 the style of the 70s in your living room: vibrant colors of the hippie years, curves and clean lines, we leave the contemporary apartments that favor light colors like white, beige and cream. Let’s appeal to the psychedelic peachy color combinations, emblematic of the 70s. The colors overlap, without there being any real coherence between them. Afraid of stinging the eyes? Just tell yourself that you are vintage.

2. The lightness of openwork furniture

No more massive furniture, for this new year opt for openwork furniture that rhymes with lightness. White openwork metal coffee table, chairs without backs, openwork wooden chest of drawers, woven coconut fiber carpet, find the piece that will define a natural decorating style in your home. Both graphic and light, the openwork furniture finds its place in all rooms of the house and brings a natural and organic atmosphere. In this category, we find the openwork cabinets, the favorites of this trend. They no longer hide the objects they contain but highlight them.

3. The new white: grey

This year again, the creams and whites are invading your interior with a new guest: the grège. As the name suggests, the color is a beige with a hint of gray, the true color of silk in its raw state. The color brings a touch of modernity with a cozy and refined effect. Soft and natural, a bit mineral, this shade can be considered the new white in an interior. Rimming with discretion, it nevertheless enjoys a warm effect while surfing on the chilling codes of minimalism. Greige goes well in all interiors, both rustic and contemporary. If some do not appreciate it on walls, it is easily declined in many decorative accessories and even in furniture.

4. Play with textures

When we discovered the possibility of cladding, we got tired of empty walls. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities, it is impossible for walls not to play a major role in decorating. The material is visible and pleasant to the touch. In addition to giving value to your walls, some coatings have many advantages: light reflection, remarkable soundproofing, overlapping colors, enlargement of the room with surprising visual effects … The trend extends for all needs and tastes. The relief is displayed on doors, partitions, walls that are now modeled with spectacular and precious coverings. Make way for textured tapestries!

5. Feel good at home

Embroidered cushions, linen bed linen, faux fur blankets and wool plaids, vary and add touches of softness to embellish your interior and create a cozy universe. Linen is making a comeback and is booming. You can find it everywhere and select it with care. Linen brings texture and a pleasant touch to the back of your sofa. Depending on your desire, it can bring warmth and cocooning through warm colors such as brown, terracotta or orange but also punch to your room with brighter colors: emerald green, duck blue, mustard yellow, burgundy ..

6. A new form of minimalism

Minimalism will still be present in 2022 by highlighting rare and refined pieces that look like works of art. A simple armchair will become a privileged piece in your interior when it is properly done. Organic shapes are still in vogue to bring lightness, naturalness and softness in opposition to strict lines that look fake and artificial. The trend is towards curves that soften and fluidize the space. Armchairs in the shape of pebbles or tubes, tables with rounded shapes, mirrors all in roundness and organic lighting invade the decor.

7. Mineral and natural materials

Depending on the finish of your room, plant and mineral materials will always bring value to your room. Dare to use plant fibers, stones, rattan but also more raw materials such as wood, steel and concrete. Travertine takes the place of marble with its soft sandy shades. The irregularities of its lines allow for unique models with a story to tell. The new trends show a real willingness to move towards a more responsible mode of consumption. This illustrates the desire to return to the raw and natural. More and more products are made from recycled materials.

8. 2022, the best year for second hand?

The ecological impacts of overconsumption are pushing us to review our consumption habits and rethink our relationship with decoration. No more irrational consumption of furniture. As social networks, flea markets, antique shops and garage sales prove it, second-hand pieces are constantly gaining new followers. A first gesture for a planet that can also characterize the decoration with a vintage and unique piece. Minted objects contribute to the personalization of our homes

Don’t buy any more fake old and succumb to the charm of real vintage pieces, unique and exceptional, your interior will not look like any other.