A children’s bedroom with a vintage feel

Vintage decoration is coming to children’s rooms.

With just a few tricks you can turn your child’s room into a trendy vintage room. The important thing is to mix natural materials (such as wood) with more modern materials (such as plastic), to create a perfect contrast that will give your child’s room a special character.


Wood is the vintage material par excellence. It brings a reassuring side, but also an appreciable quality and solidity in a child’s room.

Naturally, the bed will be made of wood and will bring comfort and warmth to the room. Coloured bed sheets will contrast with the vintage spirit, and bring a welcome touch of modernity.

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Our vintage wooden beds

Wood can also be used in small ways. You can integrate a wooden rocking toy in your room for example. They are trendy, vintage and very decorative.

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Our nice rocking toys

The Wooden Dolls collection by Alexander Girard lends itself perfectly to this vintage universe. Placed on a shelf, they are both toys and decoration for your room.

The colourful touches

What we love about the world of children is playing with colours. While in other rooms of the house we often prefer sober tones, we can have fun with children’s rooms, which are eager for colour.

You can choose to colour your room with brightly coloured seats or with fun and decorative objects.

Our colourful chairs

Noss decorative pieces


Set up a cosy office area so that your child can study in the best conditions. A vintage wooden room, a retro decoration like an old school map, and why not paint your wall in slate colour to create a studious atmosphere, worthy of the most beautiful classrooms.

Our selection of vintage desks

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