A designer coffee table for a trendy living room

The coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room, bringing together young and old and blending in perfectly with your furniture. From the most classic to the most unusual coffee tables, we share our advice on how to choose the ideal coffee table for your home.

What shape should you choose for your coffee table?

Coffee tables come in many shapes. So, when making your selection, think about the organisation of your living room and your decoration in order to choose the most suitable shape.

Rectangular or square tables with sharp corners are perfect for large spaces. Often substantial and made of solid wood, it is pleasant to entertain around a large square coffee table. If you have a large living room and you like square and rectangular tables, we recommend coffee tables by Roger CAPRON, Cees BRAAKMAN, Severin HANSEN, Peter GHYCZY or Johannes ANDERSEN.

Tables basses carrées, rectangulaires, ovales, rondes

The round coffee table is the must-have for small living rooms. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it softens and balances the volumes of the room.

Very trendy at the moment, the oval coffee table is also making a comeback. Very present in Scandinavian decoration, its particular shape softens the too angular living rooms while bringing a design and original touch.

How to decorate your coffee table for an original and unique living room

Once you have chosen the coffee table of your dreams, all you have to do is decorate it to personalise your living room and make it unique! However, be careful not to make your coffee table too cluttered so as not to create a block effect and keep it practical for eating on or entertaining your friends and family.

We advise you to decorate your coffee table with a few candles and to display books on the theme of your choice or to install small sculptures accompanied by a few plants arranged in pretty vases for a natural effect!

The golden rules for a trendy living room

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Industrial, Scandinavian, ethnic, bohemian, depending on the style of your living room, the choice of the coffee table can be different. The coffee table can, in some cases, highlight your decorative environment. However, in other cases, it can contrast with your decoration to break with the total look of the room and bring a different touch.

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