A salon at a discounted price

The salon, also called the “living room”, appeared very recently in France. At the end of the XIXᵉ century, bourgeois homes defined a room that was the perfect transition between the entrance hall and the dining room: the salon was born.

Today, we are going to present you vintage pieces that are part of the living room universe at sale prices.

(1) Sofa bed, (2) Wall unit by Frantisek Jirak, (3) Italian armchair, (4) Danish coffee table, (
5) Danish lamp, (6) Violet painting with wooden frame , (7) Ceramic vase W. Germany


The sofa comes from far away, from ancient Rome to be precise. It was found in dining rooms where men would lie down to eat

In the Middle Ages, it was more like a wooden bench, covered with a mattress. Thus, it served as both a seat and a bed.

But let’s go back to our contemporary times. It is in the XXᵉ century that the most original sofa creations are born: from the most basic to the most eccentric, designers from all over the world have fun creating original furniture for every taste.

Some sofas on sale

(1) Sofa 53 by Georg Thams, (2) Banana sofa, (3) Two seater folding sofa,
(4) Arnolfo sofa by Mauro Marzocchi, (5) Blue velvet sofa, (6) Gradual sofa by Cini Boeri,
(7) Curved sofa by Isa Bergamo, (8) Square sofa by Marco Zanuso, (9) Red leather sofa

Coffee tables

Now that you have chosen your sofa, let’s introduce you to some of our great selection of coffee tables. In wood, glass, plastic or metal, the designers’ imagination is limitless to create beautiful pieces.

Some of our tables at sale prices


Opposite your sofa and your coffee table, choose the armchair you won’t be able to live without. Our armchairs at sale prices come in all styles, for a wide range of interiors

Here is a small selection:

(1) Velvet armchair with compass legs, (2) Red Danish armchair, (3) Cocktail armchair
, (4) Pair of Cantilever armchairs, (5) Yellow fabric armchair, (6) Techk and linen armchair, (
7) Modern Danish armchair, (8) Pair of vintage armchairs, (9) Vintage classic Artifort armchair

Wall units

Wall units are making a comeback in interior design magazines. More than just storage units, they add character and character to your living room and decorate your walls.

Photo credit Danish teak classics
Photo credit Kate Hansen


As we mentioned earlier, decorative elements are important to make your living room a room that reflects you. Check out our beautiful pictures and vases to place wherever you like.


We end this article devoted to the world of the living room at a bargain price with the lights. Choose a chandelier, a table lamp or a wall lamp to light up your living room.

Photo credit Marie Claire Maison
Photo credit
Photo credit

Our pretty lamps at sale prices

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