All the secrets for an industrial-style interior!

Ideal for adding character to your interior, the industrial style with its strong decorative codes is always ultra-trendy! Often present in the kitchen or the living room, the industrial style will find its place in the whole of your home. Raw wood, black steel, stainless steel: this style is based above all on a clever mix of materials and uses the raw codes of the working class environment to continue to seduce design lovers. Unleash the industrial and creative side of you!

What kind of interior is industrial style for?

What could be better than the industrial style of Roger TALLON, Raymond LOEWY or Gio PONTI to give your interior a touch of class? Combining old and new, the industrial style reminds us of New York flats with brick walls, leather sofas and furniture made of raw wood, black steel and stainless steel.

For small spaces, such as the entrance, you can opt for “all-in-one” furniture to store your shoes, hang your coats and optimise your room. If you have a larger space, add a steel stool, a metal bench or a rough wood and black steel console with a mirror to accentuate the industrial style.

How can you enhance your interior with industrial style?

To bring out the industrial style in your living space, it is necessary to remember the decorating essentials.

Choose a brown leather sofa to add a touch of antiquity to your room and pair it with an original coffee table in raw wood or steel. For a wow effect, integrate industrial furniture such as a large shelf by Tjerk REIJENGA or Nisse STRINNING, factory racks, a metal sideboard, zinc chairs or an animal print armchair such as those by Sergio RODRIGUES, Arne Emil JACOBSEN, Gastone RINALDI, Verner PANTON or Svend SKIPPER.

For lighting, choose an imposing factory suspension or steel floor lamp to add light and style to your space. We recommend pieces by Louis KALFF, Charles KELLER, Jean-Louis DOMECQ and Achille CASTIGLIONI.

How to decorate your industrial interior?

In terms of decoration, play with materials and decorative elements: an accumulation of cushions for a cosy effect, garlands of lights to light up your room and accentuate the warm spirit, accumulated frames such as the PK CPH metal posters to highlight your wall, mirrors to increase the volume of the room and plants to add colour.

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