Arne Jacobsen, father of modern design

If we had to name only one Danish designer, the choice would be difficult, but perhaps we would choose Arne Jacobsen, whose influence is still very present. We owe him remarkable pieces that all design lovers dream of having one day: the Egg chair, the Swan chair, the series 7 chair, the ant chair… These classics of vintage furniture are perfectly in line with the functionalist trend and testify to his inspiration from the organic world.


The Egg chair (1957), the Swan Chair (1957), the Series 7 chair (1955) and the Ant chair (1951/52)

Arne Emil Jacobsen was born in 1902 in Copenhagen. Urged on by his father, he entered the Copenhagen Technical College to study masonry until 1924. However, the young Jacobsen soon showed a keen interest in design. He was admitted to the architectural competition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and graduated in 1927. He then joined Paul Holsoe ‘s architectural office, but left two years later. In 1929, he presented an avant-garde project for a house that pivots on an axis to follow the movement of the sun. His first notable success was winning the competition! In 1930, Jacobsen founded his own agency. He developed a multitude of architectural projects, design furniture, textiles, etc. He advocated functional and rational architecture. He designed rooms with elegant and simple forms, associated with comfortable and natural materials.


3300 armchair (1956), coffee table (1960s), Stelton steel coffee and tea set (1960s), AJ floor lamp (1950s), Swan sofa (1957), DOT stools (1950s)

In 1956 he was appointed professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen has received numerous international awards such as the Diploma of Honour at the 10th Milan Triennial in 1954 and the International Design Award in Japan in 1991.

Arne Jacobsen has left a lasting impression on Danish design: 45 years after his death, he continues to influence current generations of designers around the world!

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