Book: “Charlotte Perriand, Un art d’habiter” by Jacques Barsac

charlotte-perriand-livreToday, we invite you to discover one of our favourite books from our library: “Charlotte Perriand, Un art d’habiter” by Jacques Barsac published by Norma.

The author has made some forty documentaries on history and art(Le Corbusier, Jean Cocteau, Winston Churchill…) and has won some twenty prizes at various international festivals. He has also been a close friend of Charlotte Perriand for more than 15 years as he is none other than the husband of his daughter Pernette Perriand.

They both carried out a real research work by exploring the archives, files until now still closed, correspondence, invoices, order forms, private letters, diaries, sketches, tracings… A multitude of documents that gives this magnificent 500-page book real credibility!

Throughout the chapters you will discover the different periods of Charlotte Perriand’s creation under the following hierarchy:

  • The time of the pioneers; From the arts deco to the avant-garde, Associate of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, A committed designer, After Le Corbusier, Japan and the war,
  • The time of reconstruction; A new start, Jean Prouvé‘s workshops, Edition Steph Simon, Street art, Two houses, Last collaboration of Perriand and Le Corbusier

This structure will allow you to understand the motivations, inspirations and desires of one of the greatest figures of 20th century French design. You will discover her most famous as well as her less famous vintage furniture and you will know the different stages of design that they required!

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