Book: “Made in Cassina” edited by Giampiero Bosoni

We invite you to discover“Made in Cassina”, a book written under the direction of Giampiero Bosoni.Cassina

Who doesn’t know the famous publisher Cassina? An emblematic figure of Made in Italy, the 80-year-old company is considered the ambassador ofItalian Style. Founded in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina, the company was then a simple workshop for craftsmen. Over the years, the two men have been able to enhance the creativity of their workers. By surrounding itself with inventive and daring designers, Cassina naturally became the reference in the production of vintage furniture.

As you read on, you quickly realise that it is impossible to talk about the success of the company without mentioning the major role played by Gio Ponti. The famous Italian designer, who became a privileged advisor to the company in the 1960s, enabled the company to expand its scope. He was the driving force behind the creation of the Cassina I Maestri collection. Other great names of 20th century design have helped to establish Cassina’s reputation: Le Corbusier, Bellina, Scarpa and more recently Starck have all seen their design furniture published by the famous Italian brand.

Through the 350 pages of this beautiful book, dive into a precise and rigorous research work. Discover with pleasure the vision and the history of the company through testimonies of great figures of the design, photos and unpublished documentations.

Cassina is recognised worldwide as a reference icon of Italian design.

L. C. di Montezemolo

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