“Contemporary design” by Elisabeth Couturier

“What is Design?”, a vast question that Elisabeth Couturier wanted to answer in 200 pages through her book“Design contemporain” published by Flammarion.

Elisabeth-CouturierElisabeth Couturier is a journalist, art critic, author and exhibition curator. She has a degree in visual arts, sociology and political science. She works regularly for major magazines such as Historia, L’art de l’histoire and Art Press . She has also been a TV producer and responsible for documentaries on France Télévision. She is currently in charge of the “Mode d’emploi” collection at Flammarion Editions. The book “Design contemporain” is part of this rich collection!

With a real accuracy and pedagogy, the author deals in this book with all the aspects and notions of design. Elisabeth Couturier addresses the subject in a clear manner and regularly supplements her comments with various visuals, which makes for particularly enjoyable reading! Design-Contemporain
Throughout the pages, you will learn the complete definition of the word, you will remember the fields touched by design (furniture, fashion, art, technology etc.), you will understand its history and you will discover great designers and icons.

As you can see, “Contemporary Design” is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of design ! If you like this book and if you are interested in art, we also recommend you to buy his other books like“Contemporary Art” and“Contemporary Photography“!