Desert inspiration

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and it is on the desert that we stop today, to honour its immense, warm landscapes, with magnificent colours.
The “Desert Inspiration” decoration borders on the bohemian style, where natural materials are favoured in both cases. Wicker, leather, wood, wool will compose your universe, but where boho chic insists on the presence of luxuriant plants, we prefer plants more adapted to arid and dry atmospheres such as palm trees and cacti. Let’s take a closer look.

Photo credit Pinterest
Photo credit Describe the Fauna

The importance of colours to compose your decoration

Your entire atmosphere will revolve around earthy colours reminiscent of our theme. Beige, sand, terracotta and a few hints of green (added by the plants) will take place in your interior.

To make it clearer, here is a composition of furniture and decorative objects “desert spirit”, accompanied by its colour palette:

(1) Copper hanging lamp (2) Ceramic by Gunnar Nylund (3) Brass lantern (4) Teak and copper table
(5) Copper bowl (6) Pair of snake candle holders (7) Cactus coat rack by Guido Drocco & Franco Mello
(8) Wool rug (9) Leather daybed (10) Wool armchair

Chic is in the simplicity

The desert spirit is no-frills, but can be very chic if you choose the right elements. Furniture with simple, uncluttered lines and shapes is the best choice. Each piece of furniture should be functional, but it’s important not to neglect the aesthetics.

Photo credit Rugs & Ramblers
Photo credit Courtesy of Posada by The Joshua Tree House

Look at how beautiful this dining room is with its large wooden table and two benches, all enhanced by this beautiful terracotta pendant. The colour chosen for the wall recess also gives a lot of cachet to this very chic room.

Photo credit Bed Threads

Handcrafted creations

For your decoration, opt for handmade creations. Terracotta pottery, rugs with ethnic motifs, woven baskets, all fit perfectly with our world.

Photo credit Elle
Photo credit The Joshua Tree Cabin
Photo credit Bed Threads

Discover our selection of pottery, each one as pretty as the next:

We end our trip to the desert with some beautiful photos that may inspire you to create your decor:

Photo credit (bottom to top, left to right): Planète déco, The Joshua Tree House, The Joshua Tree House, Archzine, Paul Anderson, Planète déco, Journal Pampa

Marie Laplantine