Design and creativity this back to work season !

Cluttered, uncluttered, sometimes neglected, an office remains a dedicated organisational and creative space within your home

Insert your workplace into your living space

With the development of the “home office”, having a real office space is becoming a must in many of our homes. Unlike your workplace, you have carte blanche. How can you adopt a functional office without losing the aesthetic of an interior that reflects your personality? In order to arrange it according to your tastes and needs, let yourself be guided by these inspirations and by a selection made to measure.

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1 .Desk 2.Desk 3.Rug 4.Vase

A desk with fluid lines or a carpet in light tones will bring a breath of fresh air to your office space. Stand out from the crowd by combining it with an office chair with a unique design.

Warm tones

Summer is coming to an end, so to preserve a bit of the summer atmosphere, we’ll adopt warm tones on the walls that go perfectly with light wood and pastel tones.

Photo credit: © Homelisty
1.Desk 2.Wall hanging 3.Vase

Particular attention should be paid to details: soft lighting for a studious atmosphere, a vase to bring life to the room or a carpet to embellish and warm the room.

In a smaller space

If you have a smaller surface area, a smaller desk will easily fit into your interior and a slim model will not weigh down the room.

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Right photo credit : © Homestolove

Make this beautiful office a place of serenity, productivity and creativity.

Have a great back-to-school season !