Design goes green!

For a long time, green was seen as a passing trend, but it has now become a real basic colour, just like grey in interior design!

Associated with the plant world and nature, green is a colour that has soothing and refreshing qualities in all its shades: water green, emerald green, fir green, apple green , etc

It has to be said that the heyday of plants and plant prints has made its task rather easy. In addition to the favourable context, green is a relatively easy colour to marry: with red, its complementary colour, they enhance each other. Colours from the natural palette such as brown, ochre, cream or taupe are the best allies for an elegant interior

Dark greens, which are predominant in interiors, go perfectly with purple, woods, pale yellows or bright blues, with which they create sophisticated decors in a rather classical spirit. But the more acidic greens are not to be neglected either; an apple green chair, for example, will instantly bring freshness and modernity to a room.

And we love this colour no matter what the medium: in the living room, on a wallpaper, to compliment a beautiful vintage wardrobe. On the furniture side, a velvet sofa or a green linen armchair and it’s done. Accessories are certainly not to be excluded: plants, paintings, rugs, etc. Easier to change than furniture, they will all find their place in your interior.

Convinced by the decorative potential of this colour? Then let yourself be carried away by the elegance and softness of this colour which has nothing to prove.

Designed by Marianne Richter, this cotton wool rug is the perfect piece for an interior that lacks freshness!

Iconic piece, the Togo sofa goes green!

Green + cream, a successful association for this vintage chair.

This 60’s lamp will give a fun touch to the most boring of offices

This vintage armchair has been completely renovated and will look great in a bedroom or an office.

Bring a touch of humour to your home withthe Cactus by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello.

Cosy and easy to combine, this vintage armchair for Ligne Roset will be quickly adopted!

For the more seasoned of you, this apple-green sideboard is sure to stand out from the crowd!

Rare in this colour, the iconic Vicario armchair wears green with pride.

A khakigreensuspensionto accessorise an industrial-style interior.