Design in gold and silver

Make the holidays sparkle with our gold and silver decorating inspirations! When well defined, a gold and silver decoration never looks cheap! Follow our advice to avoid this pitfall and make your interior more beautiful!

There is no rule as such but we tend to associate silver with cool tones and gold with warm tones.

The importance of the material

Metal comes in a variety of ways. It can be brushed, hammered, mat or shiny. Depending on the desired effect and your personal taste, choose the one that suits you!

Our tip: opt for high-quality materials for greater durability. Bronze and brass are the most frequently used materials for furniture. Nickel-plated or chromium-plated steel, which is rarer, has a beautiful silver colour, as does zinc. Bronze and copper will have a warmer effect.

Vintage or antique mirrors look great in a living room. Above a fireplace, they are elegance incarnate!

Exceptional design inspirations

The most beautiful pieces of design are adorned with noble metals and make our interiors shine. A luxury object in its own right, the famous Pipistrello lamp by designer Martinelli Luce (below) is coated in 24-carat gold.

Dare the unexpected!

It’s true that gold in decoration is a risk-taker. Why not ride this wave of originality by daring to integrate a surprising piece into your interior

This golden brass rhubarb lamp by designer Tommaso Barbi is the perfect example

These shell-shaped wall lamps from the 1960s are also out of the ordinary!

Gold living room inspirations

Our vintage selection

Silver and marble: a winning combo

The colours that go best with silver? Light or dark blue and all variations of pink !

Our vintage selection

1- Vintage coffee table with mirror 2- Vintage coffee table in chrome metal 3- Vintage coffee table in marble

A room with golden touches

If you prefer to opt for a sober living room, don’t hesitate to use gold in the intimacy of your bedroom. A headboard or a pretty metal suspension and it’s done!

Green is one of the colours that goes best with gold.

Gold and silver can also be found in the bathroom as metal is one of the most used materials in wet rooms. In this instance, the golden mirror is your friend!

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