Design in the kitchen!

The kitchen is the other side of the room, where men and women work for the pleasure of others… “Bernard Loiseau once said, and he was right. However, things are a bit different today! The kitchen is no longer a closed room. Generally open to the living room, it is a place of life where you can discuss and share with your guests.

© Casa di Valentina

The kitchen is still a place of creation, a place where you can spend hours and hours searching for new flavors. And to feel good, there is no better way than to create a functional space and to choose suitable furniture. However, if you have to think practical, there is no reason to deprive yourself of an aesthetic kitchen!

Vintage charm finds its way into the kitchen

The greatest designers have understood this and have produced a multitude of pieces for the dining room: dining chairs, tables, lighting…
The American designers Charles and Ray Eames and their recognizable chairs will surely seduce you! We even had dedicated an article to this iconic piece of design some time ago.

Scandinavian style never goes out of fashion in the kitchen

Scandinavian style is still alive and well in the kitchen ! The designs of the 1970s are still appealing to us with their flowing lines and raw materials…

© FDB Mobler

The irresistible charm of the round table

The round table, while timeless, will give a more modern look to your kitchen. For flats, those kind of tables are also often smaller and more functional in a smaller interior!

© DBodhi

The art of the table

The art of the table has been added to your kitchen/dining room with functional objects that are also extremely attractive!

© Els Van Herck

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Credit photo cover : Studio Alis