Design makes its own cinema!

Head to the cinema with its magnificent velvet seats and XXL projectors. Get out your tickets, choose your seat and make yourself comfortable to enjoy the latest movie hit: Design Market decorating ideas! Get ready for a session full of decorating inspiration!

How to create a cinema atmosphere in your home?

Although it’s not a decorating style in its own right, it’s important to create a real atmosphere and respect a few codes. To do this, we advise you to use white and black for your 100% cinema decor. This classic and chic duo will be perfect to echo the first years of the 7th art and highlight your furniture such as a black leather sofa straight out of Mad Men or a black coffee table with a contemporary spirit like those found in retro futuristic films.

What furniture to use to feel like you’re in the movies?

If there are any must-haves for a decoration placed under the sign of the 7th art, they are the director’s chair, the wooden cinema seat, the projector and the vintage cinema posters..

What could be better than superb vintage posters to honour your favourite films, actors or directors? At Design Market, we have prepared a small selection of our favourite posters!

Roll out the red carpet in your home..

1. Desk, 2. chair, 3. sculpture, 4. projector
1. Lamp, 2. cinema bench, 3. table, 4. vase
1. Projector, 2. armchair, 3. carpet, 4. sofa

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