Design resolutions for home!

What if resolutions also applied to your interior design? As you already know, the new year is often synonymous with making resolutions. This new beginning can be a tedious process, so Design Market has decided to share with you some ideas to bring a breath of fresh air into your home! Ready to become a master of trickery and illusion?

Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes all it takes is a few changes to give the impression of a new the impression of a new interior. Give a new dynamic to your rooms by changing your furniture! These minimal changes will certainly allow you to will certainly allow you to rediscover your spaces and enlarge them: change the place of your bed, swap your sofa and your armchairs, change your mismatched chairs around your dining table, move your decorative objects to another room… Give free rein to your your imagination!

Rearrange your office space

Working is fine, but in a dedicated and unique unique space! Whether you live in a house or a flat, you will always find a way to you will always find a way to create an office space: in a living room in the bedroom, under a staircase… a range of solutions is available to you! Create a personalised atmosphere by taking particular care in the choice of your office and storage furniture and then decorate your room according to your desires in order to be in a reassuring and ideal for working.

Create a reading and relaxation area

Imagine a cocooning space with a pretty bookcase library filled with your favourite books… No more piles of books in the living room in the living room, make way for a relaxing reading corner intoxicating reading! For this reading corner, we advise you to choose a bookcase from CADOVIUS, shelves from STRINNING or a wall unit from KRISTIANSEN. Complete your furnishings with an ultra-comfortable armchair armchair from PAULIN and lighting that is conducive to reading: relaxation guaranteed!

Your kitchen will inspire you every day

What could be better than cooking up delicious recipes in a warm and well-organised a warm and well-organised kitchen? Take the time to empty and your cupboards for optimal organisation of your space. Remember also think about getting out your best crockery, whatever the occasion! For example, you can serve your delicious dishes in FORNASETTI, PONTI or BERNADOTTE pieces. By combining vintage tableware with your preparations for or meals, you will certainly enhance your dishes! your dishes!

Dress your bare walls!

Leave your walls bare for the new year? What a what an idea! Planting a few nails is within everyone’s reach and there are many ways to and there are many ways to decorate your walls: rugs, mirrors, canvases so why not opt for lithographs from CALDER, educational posters from QUENTELL or a rug from KYBAL ? You no longer have any excuse for you no longer have any excuse not to give your rooms a boost by treating yourself!

Give free rein to your decorating desires!

At Design Market, we are committed to helping you with all your projects in all your projects. In order to inspire you to make changes, our team has prepared a small selection has prepared a small selection for you. It’s up to you!

Résolution design : cuisine
1. Hanging lamp, 2. cup, 3. shelf, 4. tea set
Résolution design : chambre enfant
1. Hanging lamp, 2. pair of bedside tables, 3. rocking horse, 4. stool

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