Designer : Arne Vodder

ArnevodderArne Vodder is a great Danish designer of the 20th century. He is a friend, collaborator and former student of the famous designer Finn Juhl.

Although he is not as well known as his contemporaries, he has had a particularly strong influence on Scandinavian design in the 20th century, Arne Vodder he has had a particular influence on Scandinavian design in the 20th century. His furniture is characterised by its simplicity, timelessness and the colours used. They are mostly made of natural materials such as teak or rosewood. During the 1960s, he designed several iconic sideboards.


Arne Vodder was born in Denmark in 1926. While still a young designer of vintage furniture, he met the famous Finn Juhl who had a strong influence on his work. During his career, he worked for several major furniture companies such as Fritz Hansen, France & Son, Cado, Ivan Schlechter, Bovirke, Vamo and Slagelse. The furniture ranges he has designed (desks, tables, chairs, etc.) have met with great success in Europe and North America. Even today, Arne Vodder ‘s enfilades and desks are highly sought-after pieces for lovers of 20th century design.

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