Designer: Charlotte Perriand

There are names that cannot be forgotten, talents that have left their mark on design and architecture forever. Charlotte Perriand is one of them. Free and independent, she was never afraid to upset established codes! She simplified shapes, eliminated elements that seemed superfluous and, above all, she played a major role in democratising access to furniture. Charlotte Perriand proposed functional and comfortable pieces, durable and respectful of the environment.


Bookcase for the Maison du Mexique (1953), an extremely rare piece!

Charlotte Perriand was born in France in 1903 to a father who was a tailor and a mother who was a seamstress for haute-couture. The young Perriand quickly developed a passion for design and studied for five years at the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs. After graduating, she met the famous cousins Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. A beautiful and rich collaboration of 10 years followed!


Coffee table LC10, chaise longue LC4, armchair and sofa LC2 (series designed in 1928/29)

Charlotte Perriand was naturally curious and loved to travel. She went to Japan and fell in love with this beautiful country where she lived for 6 years. Her design reflects the cultural influences of the time, integrating elements linked to the vision of the country, which are simplicity, calm and serenity. The design of ” The Tea House ” at UNESCO (1993) is the perfect demonstration of this cultural heritage:

Perriand was above all a mountain enthusiast, a direct consequence of her Savoyard origins! In the middle of the 20th century, winter sports began to be democratized and architectural projects multiplied. Roger Godino – the promoter in charge of the Les Arcs resort – spotted Perriand and asked her to coordinate the design and development of the resort (more than 30,000 beds!). This project was revolutionary for its time; it was driven by an undeniable desire on the part of the teams to build with total respect for the natural landscape! The designer and architect also contributed to the development of the resort of Méribel, where she built her chalet in 1960.


Les Arcs” stool (1960s) | “Méribel” chair (1950s) | “Les Arcs” table (1960s)

Charlotte Perriand was an extraordinary personality, an engaging woman, but above all a brilliant architect and designer! Her innovative approach to design has left its mark on the present and future. If you wish to learn more, we strongly recommend that you buy the book “Charlotte Perriand, Un art d’habiter” by Jacques Barsac published by Norma!

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