Designer: Gaetano Sciolari

For many decades, Italian design has shone throughout the world. Italy benefits from an incredible pool of talented designers trained in prestigious schools in the country such as the Polytechnic of Milan. Angelo Gaetano Sciolari is one of the leading figures in Italian design. As an entrepreneur, businessman and designer, he has taken his country’s design to the pinnacle of success.

Gaetano Sciolari was born in Italy in 1927. He studied architecture at university, but after graduating, he returned to his first passion: cinema, and in particular film-making. However, after the death of his father in 1949, Gaetano Sciolari had to take over the family lighting production business. Dynamic and ambitious, he entered the company in an international lighting design competition in 1954. It was a great success, winning first prize! Sciolari was then noticed by the distributor American Lightolier and then by Progress Lighting: the company quickly became the number one Italian luminaire seller in the United States! Their creations were even seen in the famous series Dallas!


Gold and black chandelier, 1960s

Gaetano Sciolari was a great businessman and a creative designer. He is the creator of incredible lighting fixtures such as the “Mod A5011” suspension (circa 1950), the “4079” floor lamp (1965) and of course the “Cubic” chandelier (1970s). He has worked for major publishers such as Stilnovo, Boulanger and Stilkronen.


Suspension lamp “Mod A5011” (source: artnet), chandelier “Cubic”, floor lamp “4079” (source: artnet)

Thanks to his business acumen and creative eye, Gaetano Sciolari gave Italian lighting a glorious and prosperous future around the world! Even today, Sciolari lamps are highly sought after.

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