Designer: Jindrich Halabala

Fabulous Czech designers have made their mark on furniture design. Jindrich Halabala is one of them. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, chances are you know his most famous creation:


So who is Jindrich Halabala? The designer was born in 1903 in the Czech Republic. He got his passion for design from his father and did his first internship in the family workshop. From an early age, he was fascinated by wood; he learned, experimented and perfected his skills. His precise and exhaustive knowledge of this material enabled him to enter the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. He graduated in 1926 and joined the Bohumil Hübschmann studio. He then began a long collaboration with the company and publisher UP as artistic director.


TheUP company quickly adapted to the changes in consumption and mass production, which directly propelled Halabala to a position of responsibility. Their collaboration resulted in furniture of great elegance but above all of unprecedented robustness.


The pieces signed Halabala are renowned for their high quality, they are worthy of the most beautiful pieces of European production; their style is timeless, their production is incomparable. These are the keys to a timeless success!

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