Designer: Johannes Hammerborg

Johannes Hammerborg is a famous Danish designer. He owes his international recognition to the multiple ranges of lamps he has designed but also to his work with the company Fog & Morup.


A prolific designer with an incredible inventiveness, Hammerborg has designed over a hundred lamps during his career! The“Nova”, “Classic”, “Juno” and “Alpha” models designed in the 1960s are the Scandinavian designer’s best known creations. They are remarkable for their quality of manufacture, their great modernity and elegance!


Nova”, “Classic” and “Juno” pendant lamps


Alpha floor lamp


Johannes Hammerborg was born in 1920 in Denmark. After his first training as a goldsmith in the early 1940s, he entered the renowned Royal Danish Academy of Applied Arts. A talented and creative designer, he was appointed artistic director of the company Fog & Morup in 1957. His talent contributed greatly to the growth and reputation of the company. He brought a fresh artistic eye to the company’s showroom, advertising, packaging and design.



During his life, Hammerborg had the opportunity to meet great designers such as Holmegaard and Jacob E. Bang, with whom he enjoyed collaborating on the design of lamps. Bang, with whom he enjoyed collaborating on the design of lamps. The designer received recognition from his peers on many occasions, winning the 1st CICi award in 1965 and 4 IF Product Design Awards in 1969. After his departure in 1980, Fog & Morup unfortunately encountered many difficulties and had no choice but to close its activity, which shows the importance of his role within the company.

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