Designer: Marcel Breuer

Marcel-BreuerMarcel Breuer is a Hungarian architect and designer. An iconic figure in design, he is one of the pioneers of the modern movement and one of the great names of the Bauhaus.

In 1925, Breuer revolutionised the world of design and designed one of the most famous chairs in the world: the B3 chair, also called Wassily in homage to Kandisky, his colleague at the Bauhaus school. Contrary to what one might think, the chair was not designed for the painter! In fact, the painter liked the curves of the chair so much that he asked the designer to make one especially for his private flats!

The use of steel tubing for this chair was a daring choice for the time, as this technique had never been used before! Published in 1928 by Thonet, it was not until the 1960s that the chair was designed in series, first by Gavina (1932-1968) and then by Knoll (1968 to date).



Marcel Breuer was born in 1902 in Hungary. He briefly studied sculpture at the Vienna Academy but was disappointed and interrupted his training. He went to Weimar and discovered the Bauhaus where he studied and later taught. Despite his young age, he left a deep impression on the school with his extraordinary talent! During the 1920s, he discovered tubular steel, a major characteristic of his designs. In 1937, Breuer fled Nazism, moved to London and joined the Isokon company. Two years later, the designer flew to the United States and taught at the prestigious Harvard University. Talented and curious, he began a career as an architect in parallel with the creation of designer furniture. He collaborated on several construction projects with the famous Walter Gropius, whom he had met a few years earlier at the Bauhaus school. Once again, his avant-garde approach led to real success.


Together with Bernard Zehrfuss and Pier Luigi Nervi, Breuer designed the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. This project marked a turning point in his career: by adopting the use of concrete, the architect became one of the practitioners of Brutalism, a movement that emerged from modernism.



Aluminium, steel, laminated wood, concrete … Breuer liked to experiment with materials and revolutionise design and architecture. He is one of the most important figures in design thanks to his mythical and timeless works!


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