Designer: Mathieu Matégot

mathieu-mategotMathieu Matégot is one of the most famous French designers of the 20th century. He has particularly influenced the world of design with his avant-garde approach to shapes and materials.

He is known for his innovative use of multiple materials such as wood, leather, glass, formica or even perforated sheet metal, which he was the first designer to adapt to the creation of furniture. In 1954 he designed the Nagasaki chair, which was to become one of his most famous creations.

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Mathieu Matégot was born in 1910 in Hungary. He studied at the Budapest School of Fine Arts. He then visited Italy and the United States and decided to settle in France. He began his career as a window dresser at Galeries Lafayette. In 1933, he began designing furniture, notably using rattan and metal. However, in the context of the war, he decided to enlist but was taken prisoner. After the Liberation, he devoted himself to the creation of transparent metal objects and opened his own workshop in Paris and then in Casablanca. He exhibited his work in 1952 at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs et d’Automne. He quickly achieved worldwide success as a designer and then as an upholsterer, as demonstrated by the presence of his vintage furniture in major museums. Matégot is certainly one of the greatest designers of the 1950s.

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