Designer: Pol Chambost

Pol-chambostPol Chambost is a multi-faceted French artist who has excelled as a sculptor, ceramist and even designer! Creative, commercial and trend-setting, the Frenchman has left an indelible mark on design. He has not only influenced decoration but also fashion, as shown by Raf Simons’ Autumn-Winter 2009-2010 collection for Jil Sander.

After training at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués in the 1920s, Pol Chambost joined his family’s marble workshop in the Paris region. Funerary art led him to seek out new materials; he fell under the spell of ceramics. From 1936 onwards, the artist became fascinated with shapes, he experimented, created and tested! Once he had mastered the technique, Chambost launched into the production of 70 models and completed his collection in only 6 months. His talent was acclaimed by professionals and amateurs, by the French and also by the Americans! His work was presented many times at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs and his pieces were exported to the United States.


Pol Chambost immediately understood the post-war needs of the population, he seized the opportunities linked to the “Trente Glorieuses” and adapted his work accordingly. He proposed aesthetic, functional, mass-produced creations. He designed original, trendy, innovative pieces, without ever abandoning technique. In 1962, during a conference on ceramics, he declared that“the true ceramist must be a chemist, a turner, a sculptor, a modeler, a painter, a firer, etc.” and added that “he does not need to be a ceramist. “and added that “there isno art without technique“. Chambost had an artistic and technical vision, but not only that, he also thought about sales and production costs. And therein lies his strength, the secret of his success.

pol-chambost-creation ©[/caption]

His passion for the various aspects of creation is a testament to his boundless curiosity. It is therefore not surprising to learn that Chambost was an art enthusiast and a lover of the work of Picasso and Mondrian. He loved to learn from others and therefore surrounded himself with very talented friends and collaborators such as Georges Jouve, Louise Edmée Chevallier and Pierre Roulot.

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Pol Chambost is one of those French talents that cannot be forgotten; his creations are still seducing and it is a safe bet that they will continue to enchant ceramics lovers for many decades to come!

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