Designer: Roger Capron

Roger Capron is a famous French ceramist of the 20th century. A prolific artist, he created a multitude of ceramic pieces distinguished for their high quality and elegance. Capron was responsible for the return of the Golden Age of ceramics to Vallauris.

As a true visionary and passionate man, Capron perfected his art throughout his life and brought it to new styles. He modernised the traditional curves of Provençal pottery, developed mass production, became interested in decorative tiles and then in sculpture.



rogerCapronRoger Capron was born in France in 1922. He studied at theEcole des Arts Appliqués in Paris and graduated in 1943. He became passionate about ceramics and decided to open his own workshop in Vallauris with Robert Picault and then Jean Derval. In 1952, Capron opened a factory with about fifteen workers. His work, resulting from the combination of know-how and mass production, was quickly recognised by the artistic world. He received numerous awards in Milan, Cannes and Brussels. In 1970, he also won the International Ceramic Grand Prize! Unfortunately, the artist and company director closed his factory in 1982 due to the crisis. Capron then became interested in Raku sculpture and opened a workshop in the heart of Vallauris. His pieces will be present in many galleries throughout the world and are today particularly sought after!

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