Designer: Willy Rizzo

Willy Rizzo is a great Italian-French designer and photographer. A major name in the art world, he has left his mark on his era thanks to his unique creative genius.

The designer is the creator of the iconic rectangular coffee table in lacquered wood and metal (1970s). He justified his desire and need to create furniture by saying that ” old or Scandinavian furniture was neither comfortable nor simple enough




Willy Rizzo was born in Naples in 1928. When he was just a child, he left with his family for Paris. He quickly developed a passion for photography, and his classmates were the subject of his first pictures! Over the years, Rizzo perfected his art and bought a Rolleiflex in 1944. He entered the world of cinema and frequented various studios. He even covered the first Cannes Film Festival for France Dimanche.




Rizzo photographed a wide variety of events. He has photographed the carcasses of tanks in Tunisia, the Nuremberg Trials, and has also worked for major women’s magazines such as Marie-Claire and Vogue. During his rich career, the photographer had the opportunity to immortalize the most beautiful women in the world:



Audrey Hepburn (1961), Brigitte Bardot (1958) © galerie agathe gaillard, Marilyn Monroe (1962)

In 1968, the artist moved to Rome and began creating furniture. At first, he designed furniture for his own needs, then he created his own company and sold his furniture lines all over the world




However, he ended his design activity in the late 1970s, returned to France and concentrated on his first passion: photography.


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