Disderot luminaires, a design story

French avant-garde designer of of exceptional lighting fixtures, Pierre Disderot opened his workshop in Cachan in 1948. A true pioneer in his field in his field, he demonstrated the modernism and elegance characteristic of the period.

Highlighting a of a project at the heart of a history of friendship and design

After years, Disderot lighting fixtures are making a comeback, much to our delight! for our great pleasure! On the programme, a mythical and modern collection collection with pieces designed by design icons from the 50s to the 70s 70s such as Roger Fatus, Pierre Paulin, Alain Richard or Joseph-André Motte. A remarkable collaboration, placed under the sign of friendship and love of design.

Pierre Disderot: the inventor of modern light in the 20th century

What would lamps be without lamps be without Pierre Disderot’s 1013 model? Designed as a desk lamp as a desk lamp, this lighting fixture with its perfect height and proportions proportions make it a design icon. In a bedroom, on the living room furniture, at the end of a sofa the 1013 lamp will find its place in any interior interior thanks to its sophisticated finish and wide range of colours range of colours.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampe 1013

Roger Fatus : refined modernism

Minimalist, refined, ultra-light and easily transportable, the creations of Roger Fatus creations are unusually modern for the 1960s. Thanks to perfect proportions and a novel shape combining symmetry and asymmetry, Fatus transformed our interiors with the appearance of Plexiglas. The classic lampshade the classic lampshade became a timeless design element.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampe 1021

Olivier Mourgue: when genius meets flora

Finesse and innovation are the adjectives that best describe Olivier Mourgue’s work. An unusual lighting system with a flower-shaped lighting system made of aluminium petals fixed on two chromed metal wires metal wires and available as wall lights, hanging lights, lamps and floor lamps lamps and floor lamps. These luminaires are all the more original in that they are equipped with with a silver bulb cap to create a high quality reflected light of excellent quality.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampes

Janine Abraham & Dirk-Jan Rol: modernity in the service of tradition

TheAR1 is a unique luminaire designed in 1964 by the by the famous architect couple Janine Abraham & Dirk-Jan Rol. Published for the first time the first time, this floor lamp made of wood, stainless steel and Plexiglas is a piece of great modernism. Half-wooden assembly, custom-made screws, careful finishing height adjustment, the AR1 provides unique lighting.

One year later, the later, theAR65 is published. An astonishing lamp in a surprising rattan lamp combining rusticity and Asian exoticism.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampadaire AR1 et lampadaire AR65

Etienne Fermigier: non-conformist and futuristic lighting

Published for the first time first published in 1970 by Monix, the F170 lamp is now reissued by Disderot. Anticonformist and futuristic, the F170 model is extremely modern because of the materials used such as aluminium and Plexiglas. Its soft, symmetrical symmetrical lines are a perfect complement to the shiny or translucent effects translucent effects of the synthetic materials.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampe F170

Joseph-André Motte: 360° satin ambient lighting

Reissued by Disderot, the J13 and J14 models are of a minimalist and luxurious elegance elegance thanks to a mix of classicism and modernism. In fact, many collectors consider this poetic and rare Japanese light fixture to be one of as one of the most beautiful French lights. Inspired by a Japanese lantern lampion, Joseph-André Motte’s creations are timeless and blend perfectly and blend in perfectly with contemporary interiors. In addition, its dimmer switch is perfect for varying the mood of your home.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampe J13 et luminaire J14

René-Jean Caillette: coloured lighting

Floor lamp, wall lamp, suspension lamp, René-Jean Caillette offers a range of lighting models available in several finishes to adapt to a vintage or more contemporary interior contemporary interior. The B4 floor lamp, presented in two sizes, is an excellent end of the sofa but also an ideal source of light for your for your reading

As a wall lamp, the B3 model avoids scattered lighting thanks to its projector shape. With the option of pointing downwards for reading or upwards for reading or upwards to use the ceiling as a reflector, this model combines practicality and aesthetics.

Finally, as a the B5 model will bring modernity and elegance to your to your interior thanks to its new range of colours.

Luminaires Disderot - Lampadaire B4 et suspension B5

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