“Eames” by Gloria Koenig

Charles and Ray Eames are surely the most famous and talented designer couple of the 20th century! They are responsible for many iconic pieces of design from the 1950s and 1960s such as the fibreglass chair, the Lounge chair (which has sold over 6 million units) and the LCW chair.


DSW fibreglass chair, LCW chair and the Lounge chair

The Eames couple made a significant contribution to the democratization of design furniture, notably through the invention of new industrial manufacturing techniques that facilitated mass production. Their revolutionary vision is reflected both in the forms they imagined and in the materials they used. They left an indelible mark and still influence young contemporary designers all over the world!

Gloria Koenig is an architectural historian. She has published numerous books on various topics related to contemporary architecture. She has also lectured and consulted on the making of the documentary about her late husband, the modernist architect Pierre Koenig.


Gloria Koenig dedicating her “Eames” book. Source:

In this beautiful book published by Taschen, the author looks back at all aspects of the career of this fabulous couple: architecture, design, photography, film… An opportunity to discover or rediscover the most incredible creations of the couple, their exceptional life and their pronounced taste for travel! If you have the opportunity and the chance to browse through the pages of this beautiful book, you will have the pleasure of discovering numerous illustrations, unpublished photos of the couple and their various creations, but also of reading enriching and fluid texts! As you will have understood, as an amateur and design enthusiast, it is almost indispensable to get this book!