English Cottage inspiration

A house with a slightly old-fashioned charm, the English Cottage of yesterday still seduces today thanks to its
warm and refined atmosphere. It is associated with a timeless place in the heart of the rainy English countryside.

A cottage is a small house or dwelling usually located in a green setting far from the cities. The interior is conducive to relaxation. It is a place where one goes to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.

Some inspirations

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Materials, colours and tones

Table with a rustic charm for
a country-inspired interior
Examples of wood

Cream colour

Light, neutral tones will contrast better with darker or lighter wood furniture or floors. For your walls, fabrics, carpets and bedding, choose colours such as beige, pearl or anthracite grey, English green, burgundy or even cognac or camel. These colours will perfectly reflect the upcoming season of autumn.

Pay special attention to the quality of your furniture for an exceptional and sustainable interior

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How to add a cosy dimension to your flat

If you don’t live in a rural setting with green space, it is possible to incorporate pastoral touches into your interior and create a bucolic atmosphere within the hustle and bustle of your home town. A fine piece of furniture in a noble wood will fit in perfectly with your interior. Opt for a nice console table, for example

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Warm up your living room with a rug. One which is cream-coloured in wool, will contrast with a wooden floor. The warm tones of Persian rugs will go wonderfully with your interior

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