Exhibition: “Paquebot France, design embarqué”

The exhibition “Paquebot France, Design embarqué” presented by the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie de St Etienne from 4 October 2013 to 28 February 2014 is a proud ambassador of 1960s design in France!

From Paris to St Etienne

The travelling exhibition presented for the first time in February 2011 at the Musée de la Marine in Paris is now stopping over in Saint Etienne. It retraces the major industrial and design innovations in France in the 1960s, spearheaded by the France. Highlighting the use of new materials such as aluminium, Rilsan and fibreglass, visitors can discover how they were used to fit out, comfort and decorate this veritable floating palace. So many inventions in the service of luxury and functionality!

An ambassador “made in France

Strolling on the liner France is to discover a subtle blend of luxury, comfort and modernity! By tracing the history of the construction of the ship, the flagship of French cruise tourism, the exhibition takes you on a journey from the beginning of its construction in 1953, to its maiden voyage in 1962, through its conversion in the 1980s to the end of its career in 2003.

An exciting journey with design pieces from the 1960s, which vintage enthusiasts will appreciate!

More information here:“Paquebot France, design embarqué”, from 4 October 2013 to 28 February 2014 in St Etienne

Museum of Art and Industry
2, place Louis Comte
42026 Saint Etienne