Flowerpot pendant lamp by Verner Panton

The internationally renowned Danish designer Verner Panton needs no introduction. Many of his creations have achieved iconic status, and we devoted an article to one of them: the Panton chair. Today, we are going to continue our overview with one of his best-sellers: the Flowerpot suspension !

When we talk about the 1960s, we often make the connection with the hippie years, the anti-war movement and the young generation’s thirst for freedom. The designers of the time were very much inspired by these demands and many of their creations reflect the needs and desires of the time. Verner Panton was no exception. Although he did not participate in the movement, the pop designer was inspired by the hippie movement. The Visiona home for the Bayer chemical company, which he presented at the 1968 Cologne furniture exhibition, is a testament to his inspiration: it is colourful, futuristic and whimsical. It was in this context that the Flowerpot suspension lamp first came to public attention. It was an immediate success: its colourful, cheerful and simple design won over the public. It was immediately produced by the Louis Poulsen lighting company.


Visiona by Verner Panton. Source: | Vintage Flowerpot suspension

In 1971, Verner Panton designed the very psychedelic décor of the Verna Palace restaurant in Denmark. The Danish designer chose the FlowerPot pendant lamps as one of the pieces he used. The sober and pure lines of the model soothe the very offbeat decoration of the place.

Forty-eight years after its creation, the Flowerpot suspension still meets the expectations of its public. It brings a cheerful and modern touch thanks to its pop colours while lighting the room perfectly. And perhaps that is the secret of its enduring success; its perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality!

Technical characteristics of the Flowerpot suspension

– Lacquered and enamelled metal (orange, red, blue, turquoise, white or polished steel)
– Published in 1968 by Louis Poulsen (diameter 22cm), published until 2009 by “Unique Intérieur” (diameter 22m), published since 2010 by And Tradition (diameter 25,5cm)
– Originally, the electric wire is the same colour as the luminaire.
– Large version called Big Flower Pot (height 34cm, diameter 50cm, two-coloured)

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