For a successful children’s room!

Often used in the living room, kitchen or bathroom, vintage furniture can also be used to decorate a child’s bedroom. Ideal for expressing your creativity in your little one’s cocoon, children’s decoration offers many styles and possibilities to make this space pleasant and to awaken their imagination and creativity.

A dive into the ocean of decoration for little sailors

Is your child fascinated by the aquatic world and marine animals? For total immersion, plunge them into the ocean with a decoration in blue tones, making sure to vary the colours to create contrast. A cosy atmosphere guaranteed!

To play with the marine decoration, opt for wooden furniture such as a sideboard by Jiri JIROUTEK or Cees BRAAKMAN, a chest of drawers by Borge MOGENSEN, Arne VOODER or Frantisek JIRAK or a wardrobe by Jindrich HALABALA. As for decoration, choose objects in the shape of marine animals and frames or posters in the marine spirit.

To perfect your little sailor’s room, awaken the artist in you by painting waves on the wall and adding stickers in the shape of marine animals that will add a touch of originality to the room and allow your child to discover the ocean floor. Who doesn’t dream of a giant whale on their wall?

Softness for big dreamers

Head for a cloud of softness with light, soothing colours for your little one’s room.

Combine light wood furniture by Poul HUNDEVAD or Frantisek MEZULANIK and original furniture such as the Cloud shelf by Ronan and Erwan BOUROULLEC with pastel colours, beige, brown or sky blue to add a cosy touch to your room. Embellish your decoration with cloud-shaped cushions and a few airy decorative objects. Your cocoon is ready!

Head for space for future astronauts

Does your child dream of having his head in the stars and becoming the Thomas Pesquet of tomorrow? Your future astronaut will be delighted to have a room worthy of a spaceship. For this, play with midnight blue and white shades that will blend in perfectly with the Space Age furniture.

For a 100% space centre atmosphere, add fluorescent star-shaped stickers to remind you of the starry sky and decorate your walls with frames with rockets, astronauts and planets to complete the look.

A tropical bedroom for the adventurous

Is your child drawn to the jungle and tropical countries? Good news, we have the right decoration for big adventurers!

For this original decoration, you can use rattan and bamboo furniture by Rohe NOORDWOLDE, Dirk VAN SLIEDREGT, Tito AGNOLI or Adrien AUDOUX & Frida MINET to combine with green and brown colours that will give a luxuriant vegetation effect like in the jungle.

To embellish your decoration, you can add ropes, cushions with wild prints, wall stickers in the shape of tropical plants or jungle sculptures.

A room that looks like an Indian camp

For little Indians, terracotta and beige colours are ideal! For a natural atmosphere, choose materials such as teak or rosewood for your chests of drawers, beds… You will find very nice teak and rosewood pieces by Johannes ANDERSEN, Arne VOODER or Henry Walter KLEIN on Design Market.

Small tip: if you have enough space, choose an original play area by placing a teepee in your child’s room. He will feel like a real Indian and will be able to have fun all day long!

The essentials for a successful children’s room!

Marine C.