Green, the far color of the year


Olive green and sage green are making a comeback. Applicable on many spaces, from your decoration to your furniture, these soft, soothing and trendy colors will perfectly dress your interior.

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Adopt olive green and sage green

Olive green, subtle blend of green and yellow is a color that refers to a return to nature. Like the famous olive tree, it sees the years pass without ever being dethroned, already very popular in the 1960s, it makes its comeback in 2022.

The olive green color, RAL 6003, includes several variations in different shades: 6003 olive green, 1020 olive yellow, 6015 olive black and 6022 olive brown.

Olive green is coming back to your interior to bring life, serenity and brightness. Easy to live with, it will fit perfectly in all your rooms. Olive green is an energetic, distinguished hue and ideal for reviving your decor.

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Sage Green,

As its name suggests, sage green is a color inspired by its plant, qualified as a neutral and clear color in all these shades.

Soft and delicate, it will have the power to soothe you, and give a touch of brightness to your cocoon. Like the olive green, the sage green lends itself to all the rooms of your interior.

So, what are you waiting for to adopt it?


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What colors to associate with green

Unlike many greens, olive green and sage green are colors that can easily be combined with other color palettes.

For a refined atmosphere, opt for white, gray and black

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For a natural atmosphere, go for browns.

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For a soft atmosphere, play with pastel colors.

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For a vintage feel, go for yellow, red or even terracotta orange.

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For a contemporary and warm atmosphere, insert blue.

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Green is a perfect match for gold and brass

Green is often associated with gold and brass. Indeed, this perfect combination creates a warm and radiant atmosphere, with a touch of chic.

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