How can you adopt vintage design storage in your home?

Nature does not like a vacuum. Whether you live in a house or a flat, the general tendency is to accumulate, store and keep all sorts of useful objects, as well as some completely useless ones. But rooms are not expandable. So for this new year and the resolutions that come with it, Design Market offers you 3 elegant storage ideas to optimize your storage space.

There are some very practical vintage design furniture to optimize space in any room: wall shelving systems, dressers, … The choice is wide and adapts to all types of space. Among the most famous pieces of furniture focused on storage, we find the shelving systems of Poul Cadovius, the “String” shelves of Nisse Strinning or the Scandinavian enfilades, a must-have in vintage living room furniture. Find this iconic furniture among our selection of elegant storage ideas!

1 – Ash wall shelf and white shelves by Nisse Strinning for String – 1950 | 2 – Ash shelf system by Nisse Strinning – 1950 | 3 – Clam vintage chair by Philip Arctander – 1940 | 4 – Desk and chair by Fratelli Reguitti – 1960

1 – Chair Swan Early edition by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hanser – 1960 | 2 – Scandinavian teak and brass tripod lamp – 1960 | 3 – Rosewood sideboard model 18 by Gunni Omann – 1960 | 4 –Stencilpaintingsby Julio le Parc – 1980

1 – Modular wall unit in teak and metal by Nils Strinning for AB String – 1950 | 2 – Floor lamp model mushroom – 1970 | 3 – Clam vintage chair by Philip Arctander – 1940 | 4 – Berber carpet Taznakht in wool – 1980