Ideas for a colourful designer children’s room!

Just like the inevitable list of school supplies and the countless things on our back-to-school to-do list, reorganising the child’s bedroom is often part of the programme. This is a project that should not be neglected, as the proper organisation of the bedroom will help your child to start the new school year on the right foot. The bedroom is also the place where children spend most of their time during the year, so comfort and a functional office area should be taken into account.

Turning this area into a little “cocoon” with a playful play area using pop and colourful objects and furniture will simply make them feel good, for a successful school year.

So today we give you some ideas for a fun and stylish a designer children’s roomA pleasant and stylish home!

Colourful touches for a graphic effect

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1- Original movie poster “Willy Wonka” – 1971 2- Scandinavian teak children’s desk – 1960 3- Pink Casalino children’s chair, Alexander Begge – 2000 4- Yellow desk lamp by Hala Zeist -1960

The school desk for an authentic and vintage touch

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1- Large vintage educational poster on teeth, Jung-Koch Quentell – 1960 2- Vintage coat rack by Tjerk Reijenga for Pilastro – 1950 3- Flexible industrial lamp in water green metal – 1940 4- Two seater school desk model “850”, Jean Prouvé – 1950

Mix of vintage and contemporary for the office area

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1- Pair of Okolo table lamps in brass and parchment, Helena Frantovà – 1950 2- Vintage desk and child’s chair in wood – 1950 3- Child’s chair in green lacquered metal and plastic – 19710 4- Yellow rocket lamp – 1960

Rattan furniture for a warm baby room

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1- Set of two rattan chairs produced by Rohé Noordwolde – 1960 2- Rohé Noordwolde cradle in rattan and metal – 1960 3- Child’s car reversible to rocking chair, Mart Stam, Siegfried Lenz Berggieszhübel – 1950 4- Danish teak and rosewood set Skjode Skjern – 1960 5- Large vintage Azilal rug in wool – 1950