Interview with Anna Agapova, art director of Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design

We met Anna Agapova, artistic director of the Russian firm Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design. After studying urban planning and lighting, Anna Agapova became passionate about all aspects of architecture and design. Today, she works for one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Moscow and is responsible for a wide variety of projects

When did your passion for interior design begin?

I started my work in architecture and design with a specialisation in lighting. I started my studies at the Urban Planning Institute of Moscow University in the urban electricity department. In addition to that, I took specialised courses in lighting technology. After that I participated in technical and decorative lighting projects. Then I wanted to extend my skills to other fields than lighting and I got involved in commercial and residential design projects.

Where does your interest in interior design come from?

I studied urban planning at Moscow University, and while I was developing my lighting skills… I became interested in urban electricity. Finally it was lighting that opened the road to interior design for me.

You work for both private and corporate clients. How is the way you work different? Do you have a preference?

When you are creative, you are able to handle all possible categories of projects and at all levels of complexity. This means that you can work on a small flat project as well as a large-scale project such as business centres or hotels. The way we approach design and responsibilities is the same in all our projects – but the working steps are different. Our individual clients have their own needs, and each has different expectations. Public projects have their own standards and these vary according to the type of project. Depending on the type of project, the working process differs and it emerges in a more or less simple way.


Rublevka Residence, find the project here

What advice would you give to an aspiring interior designer?

Listen to the customer and take into account what he or she tells you. Keep your taste in harmony with the client’s expectations. Avoid succumbing to passing trends, instead try to design truly exceptional interiors.

Who are your favourite 20th century designers? Do you have a favourite iconic piece (lounge chair, egg chair, tulip, barcelona….)?

My favourite designers are : Albert Livingston Hadley, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona armchair), George Nakashima, Hans Wegner (Papa Bear armchair and Whishone chairs), Alberto Pinto and David Collins. Special mention for Cravt Original and its Tumble Extra chandelier and for John Pomp and his Rondelle console.


Barcelona armchair, Papa Bear armchair and Wishbone chair

What are the latest design pieces you have bought?

John Pomp’s Rondelle console, a light fixture by Lindsey Adelman, Emmanuel Babled’s Quark marble table, Tom Faulkner’s Capricorn dining table and Cravt Original’s Tumble Extra chandelier.

Could you tell us more about your future projects?

You know, we have a team of 60 employees and we are involved in dozens of projects at the same time as designers. This year we will work on three very interesting projects – two mansions and several flats in the contemporary development of Moscow. We worked on a 7-storey office building in the heart of Moscow. We are also involved in a number of projects with developers – including building very contemporary houses on the banks of the Moscow River.

ANNA&OLEG_ALEKSEY SOROKIN_06 Oleg Klodt & Anna Agapova | [/caption ]


1 – Knoll Antimott armchair – 1960 | 2 – Brass and glass chandelier – 1960 | 3 – Suite of 6 Scandinavian teak and black leatherette chairs – 1960 | 4 – White PH5 lamp, Poul HENNINGSEN – 1960s

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