Journey to the heart of Eastern Europe

The world of design is full of wonders for you to discover to perfect your interior! Design Market takes you on a journey a journey to the heart of Eastern Europe to inspire you with the czech, Polish, Ukrainian design icons..

Next stop: Prague

If there’s one destination in Eastern Europe for design design fans, it’s Prague! The Czech capital is a little pearl of for architecture and design enthusiasts. Indeed, most of the most of the big names in Eastern European design come from the Czech Republic. Among these icons, we count : Jiri JIROUTEK, Joseph HURKA, Jindrich HALABALA, Rudolf VICHR, Georg SATINK, Jan VANEK, Frantisek JIRAK, Miroslav NAVRATIL, Robert SLEZAK and Ludvik VOLAK.

Design tchèque

Would you like to play a game of chess?

King, queen, bishop, knight, rook, pawn… Would you be ready to take on the chess master? Ivan JAKES is the designer who beats you to the punch with his superb lighting fixtures!

Ukraine and its surreal interiors!

How to describe the young career of Daria ZINOVATNAYA? Avant-garde, original and creative, the Ukrainian designer has imposed her colourful colourful and geometric style with brio! Inspired by the work of LE CORBUSIER and the Bauhaus School of Design, the unique creations are a perfect combination of fantasy and aesthetics the fantastic and the aesthetic.

What about Polish design?

The Poland also has great designers like Józef CHIEROWSKI and his famous 366 armchair. Thanks to its simple aesthetics, this piece is quickly becoming iconic! The 366 armchair can be found in many restaurants restaurants that have been seduced by its variety of colours and its charm.

Fauteuil 366 Jozef CHIEROWSKI

Head for Moldova and its beautiful rugs

For a bohemian atmosphere, we advise you to add some flowery Moldavian rugs moldavian carpets with flowers. With lilies, pansies, violets violets, sunflowers, hydrangeas, lilacs and of course roses, the Moldavian is ideal to enhance your furniture and bring a touch of colour to your a touch of colour to your interior.

Crédit : Rugstory

Think to combine your Moldavian rug with raw furniture and natural, simple colours and simple colours such as beige and white. For a soothing and pleasant environment for a soothing and pleasant environment, integrate pretty green plants into your space.

Some ideas for an Eastern European decorating trip

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