Long live wall decorations!

Wall decoration is a determining element in the atmosphere and style that one wishes to give to a room. Although often neglected, there are many ways to decorate them: pictures and posters, mirrors, trophies or wallpaper and tapestries, there is no lack of choice. Wall decorations allow us to express our style and desires in a very creative way!

Wall decoration the design of a wall can take shape in many different ways. You can opt for white painted walls to hang pictures, mirrors or frames. Or you can opt for a more sophisticated decoration by playing with patterned wallpaper. In any case, dressing your walls requires a lot of thought before hand so as not to shrink the room, or even worse, clutter it up.

The wall surface offers a vast space to invest with a whole range of decorative elements. In this article we offer you some ideas on how to make your walls the highlight of your interior design

The wall system for a clear and organised interior


1 Royal System wall bookcase by Poul Cadovius, Denmark – 1960 2 Bakelite desk lamp – 1940 3 Rocking Chair RAR First Edition by Charles & Ray EAMES – 1950 4 – Vintage glass and teak coffee table by Illum Wikkelso for Soren Willadsen – 1960

The carpet diverted into walldecoration


1Desso ZIG-ZAG vintage rug – 1970 2 Carstens ceramic mushroom vase “0872-18” – 1960 3Scandinavian teak bowl by Jens H.Quistgaard – 1960 4Large Swedish table lamp by Carl Fagerlund for Orrefors – 1960 5Axel Christensen Oder vintage teak sideboard by Gunni Omann – 1960

Mixing pictures, mirrors and clocks


1Old framed advertisement – 1930 2Vintage Soviet STRELA clock in metal and glass – 1960 3Abstract drawing in ink on paper by Guy Claude Lerein – 1980 4Bronze mirror by Jean Claud Mahey – 1960 5Authentic silkscreen by Victor Vasarely – 1980 6“DAW”chair in fibreglass, Charles & Ray Eames – 1970

paintings 2

1 – Vintage Thonet furniture poster – 1930 2 – Vintage poster of the Munich Olympic Games – 1972 3 – Pair of vintage “PK22” armchairs by Poul Kjaerholm – 1960 4 –Coffeetablemodel PK61 by Poul Kjaerholm for Kold Khristensen – 1950

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