Make your room ultra design!

The bedroom is the place where we spend a large part of our time. It is therefore important to make it unique so that we can feel good in it. Design Market shares with you some tips for a dreamy and restful bedroom!

100% cocooning room!

The cocooning room is ideal for dream lovers, with its warm and relaxing atmosphere. Give way to your creativity!

What would a bedroom be without a bed? This central piece of furniture is the one that will determine the atmosphere of your room; its choice is therefore essential. For a cocooning decor, choose a brown or beige bed like those by Hans WEGNER, Cees BRAAKMAN, Ettore SOTTSASS, Dick CORDEMEIJER, Omann JUN, Luciano FRIGERIO or René GABRIEL. Some models are proposed with integrated storage, they will be perfect for small spaces.

The rug is one of the must-haves of the cocconing decoration. Useful to fill a floor space that would be too large, it also brings softness to the floor with its synthetic fur. Depending on the space you have and where you want to place it, opt for a round, square or rectangular rug.

To complete your decor, opt for a quilted headboard to accentuate the cocoon effect and decorate your bed with plaids and pillows to add a relaxing touch to the room. A little tip: remember to vary the shapes, colours and materials of your cushions to bring originality to your bed.

Also think about adding light to enlarge your room and add a relaxing touch. Don’t hesitate to play with lights by placing lamps in several places in the room but also by mixing lamps with floor lamps and hanging lamps.

Combined with the lights, small plants to be placed on a shelf or your bedside table will complete your cocooning decor perfectly.

Decorative essentials for a designer bedroom

Design Market tips for an optimised layout

If the surface area of your room does not allow you to arrange it as you wish, our team’s tips are just what you need!

  1. Arrange your furniture in the best possible way before decorating your room.
  2. Free up floor space to give your room a more spacious feel.
  3. Decorate your walls with design posters like those from PK CPH, wall lights, shelves or hanging bedside tables.
  4. In small spaces, dare to be original with, for example, an XXL headboard in relief that will catch the eye and add character.

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