“Mathieu Matégot” by Patrick Favardin

When we talk about 20th century design, we often talk about Scandinavian design. However, France has nothing to be ashamed of; many French designers have impressed with their talent! Among them, we think of the famous Mathieu Matégot whose visionary approach to materials and shapes has left an indelible mark on the history of furniture.

At Design Market, we quickly fell under the spell of his unique pieces! Our curiosity piqued, we wanted to know more about this genius designer and we bought the book“Mathieu Matégot” written by Patrick Favardin, published by Norma.





P. Favardin ©

The author, who has a doctorate in art history, has worked for many years for the City of Paris, organising various artistic, historical and literary exhibitions. He has also published several books such as Le Style 50, un moment de l’art français (Sous le Vent/Vilo) and numerous articles. Since 1997, Patrick Favardin has been running the art gallery A Rebours, dedicated to French ceramists and decorators of the 1950s and 1960s.


This very beautiful book, composed of more than 300 pages, is a complete and exhaustive bibliography of Mathieu Matégot. In addition to particularly interesting and enriching texts, the book presents numerous photographs of furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as various photos of major events such as the 1954 salon des artistes décorateurs. Throughout the pages, sketches and other illustrations by Matégot can be discovered… But we won’t tell you more, we’ll let you discover this exceptional book by yourself!


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